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The Department of Art History at the University of Minnesota takes seriously its role in preparing students to face the contradictory demands of an ever more visual culture, and educating them in art history, theory, and criticism.

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Parisa Atighi Moghadam

Parisa Atighi Moghadam is a PhD student in art history who studies art and architecture of Sasanian Iran. She has recently been awarded the William W. Stout Graduate Fellowship for the 2016-17 academic year, during which she will be working on her doctoral dissertation, "Eastern Sasanian Architecture: Sacred and Secular Interface." Her research project investigates the sacred and secular architecture of eastern Iran between the 5th and 7th centuries. Exploring not only art and architecture of the period, but also primary historical and religious documents, she focuses on the religious and social structure of eastern Iran before the arrival of Islam and its possible impacts on later medieval art and literature of these lands.


Gabriel P. Weisberg, University of Minnesota (Editor-in-Chief)

journal of japonisme

The Journal of Japonisme is a multi-disciplinary, global publication and dedicated to all aspects of the Japonisme movement from the first appearance of the name in France in the 1870s until the 21st century. While Japonisme has long been seen as a significant influence on Western culture, there has never been an international journal that would specifically examine all aspects of this cultural phenomenon from a variety of disciplines and angles, and in a global perspective. For subscription and article submission information click here.


Erica Warren, Ph.D. 2014, is joining the staff of the Art Institute of Chicago as Assistant Curator, in the Textiles Department. Erica has worked at the Philadelphia Museum of Art the past few years but the AIC position is a permanent one.







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The recently established Weisberg Curatorial Fellowship has a central role in preparing students (undergraduate and graduate students) for career readiness and success as leaders across the world. This fellowship ensures that students who are interested in curatorial and museum careers will gain crucial experience and expertise in such settings. The Weisberg Curatorial Fellowship is an integral part of the department's mission to offer a scholarly, professional education and training in art history. A student must have a well prepared project with an area museum in order to be selected for this grant. The department hopes to offer the first award in Spring of 2017.

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Directed Studies

Independent and directed studies are offered, as well as museum and gallery internships.


The Art History Undergraduate Association (AHUGA), 374 Heller Hall, meets regularly and plans various activities.




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